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The Peterborough Chamber Choir is an adult mixed choir whose members are drawn from a wide area around Peterborough and beyond.  Very much a collection of individuals, they share a devotion to choral music of all kinds, both sacred and secular.  Anyone with a good basic grounding in music is warmly welcomed into the group.

The founding Conductor, the late Henk Kamminga (1938 - 2022), was a Dutch national, who settled in Peterborough with his wife and family in 1972, after many years in the Far East. He founded the choir in 1984, having previously formed and conducted choirs in places as diverse as Eindhoven, Holland, Karachi, Pakistan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The Choir takes complete charge of a cathedral's weekend services about eight times a year.   Occasionally, and abroad invariably, such weekends are combined with concert performances.

The Choir also occasionally performs at  weddings and concerts in and around the Peterborough area.


            Henk Kamminga