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1st January Peterborough Cathedral
18th & 19th February Salisbury Cathedral
8th April -  5.30 pm Evensong Peterborough Cathedral
22nd & 23rd April Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral
3rd & 4th June Sherborne Abbey
8th July - 5.30 pm Evensong Peterborough Cathedral
29th & 30th July Portsmouth Cathedral
17th August (Thursday) St.Paul's Cathedral
27th August Chelmsford Cathedral
2nd & 3rd September Winchester Cathedral
21st & 22nd October Rochester Cathedral
30th & 31st December York Minster


27th January (5.30 Evensong) Peterborough Cathedral
17th & 18th February Leeds Cathedral (RC)
18th February 5.30 p.m. Leeds Minster Evensong
7th and 8th April Westminster Abbey
12th May (5.30 Evensong) Peterborough Cathedral
2nd & 3rd June Salisbury Cathedral
28th & 29th July Guildford Cathedral
26th August Chelmsford Cathedral
1st & 2nd September Lichfield Cathedral
27th & 28th October Tewkesbury Abbey
1st December (5.30 Evensong) Peterborough Cathedral
29th & 30th December Gloucester Cathedral


16th & 17th February Norwich Cathedral
30th March (Saturday) 6 p.m. Vigil Mass Westminster Cathedral
27th & 28th April Peterborough Cathedral
1st & 2nd June Wells Cathedral
27th & 28th July Bradford Cathedral
14th August (Wednesday Evensong) St. Paul's Cathedral
24th & 25th August Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
1st - 3rd November Ripon Cathedral



4th & 5th January

Peterborough  Cathedral

15th & 16th February

Gloucester Cathedral

17th. 18th. 19th April

Lincoln Cathedral

6th June

St. Jacobus Church, The Hague:  Concert with Cantemus Domino

7th June AM

 St. Martha Church, The Hague:  High Mass

7th June PM

 Oude Kerk, Delft:  Evensong

21st June Great Gidding:   Evensong 6 p.m.

25th& 26th July

Carlisle Cathedral

5th & 6th September

Guildford Cathedral

24th & 25th October Peterborough Cathedral

31st October/1st November

Bath Abbey

2nd & 3rd January Norwich Cathedral

10th & 11th April

Southwell Minster

5th & 6th June

St. Alban's Cathedral

24th & 25th July

Blackburn Cathedral

October Half Term (dates to be confirmed)

Lichfield Cathedral

1st & 2nd January Ely Cathedral

19th & 20th February

Winchester Cathedral

22nd, 23rd & 24th April (Low Sunday)

Tewkesbury Abbey


22nd & 23rd October

Canterbury Cathedral


15th & 16th July

Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford